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Title 2020 Korean New-Tro | South Korea that you don't know
Posted by Monthly Korea (ip:)
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  • Date 2021-07-14
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Have you watched the drama called Mr.Sunshine? 

Does the retro trendy clothes impress you? 

This new-tro trend is emerging in various fields in Korea, 

such as vintage clothing, design style, food and so on.


The people who lead this new-tro trend 

are the young people in South Korea. 

They have injected new power into the retro trend.


New-tro = New + Retro

New-tro can be interpreted as a Korean version of the “hipster” culture, 

but it is very Korean in terms of the origin and interpretation of the word.


There are many reasons for the popularity,

 the most important of which is that young Koreans 

born in the 1980s and 1990s have always been full of love for the various

 design styles of the time, 

and younger people inject the energy of the new era 

to make them renew Shine.

Not only new-tro clothes, 

but also the new retro trend in all aspects.

 Let’s take a look at the popular items that are loved by Koreans 

under the new retro trend.

1. accessories  

Scrunchy and hair claw can be said to be the most popular fashion items

 by Korean girls recently.

How hot is the hair circle of the large intestine? 

Kpop artist can be said to have one man, 

and the color matching of the clothes adds a sense of youth and profit. 

For example, as everyone knows: 


have used scrunchy in private servers or MV, 

and the novel style is very amazing

Then there is a hair claw made by Korean girls,

 because it has a variety of sizes and colors, 

no matter how long your hair is and what style you can control, 

the moment you wear it, you are the most gentle Korean drama heroine, 

why don't you buy one and try it?




Speaking of the representative alcoholic beverages in Korea, 

Soju must be mentioned, which is quite popular not only in Korea


but also overseas. 

For Koreans, the earliest soju brand was Jinro soju

which was born in 1924. 

Their icon -- toad

was not very accepted at the beginning.

In 2019, Jinro redesigned the image of toad 

and improved the production process of soju 

to make the taste of soju softer. 

This series of changes conformed to the trend of new-tro 

and gained huge popularity. 

Especially in the main consumer group of 

soju-young people aroused a topic.

Fans who understand Korean culture must know that 

when drinking soju

they will use soju cups with soju. 

The combination of soju and soju cups 

has become a well-known golden partner. 

In order to follow the trend of new-tro, 

more merchants have launched soju glasses with retro elements 

which will be printed with a sense of age on them, 

which are deeply loved by young Koreans.



3. Interest life  

With the sudden emergence of Corona19

more and more people have to stay at home. 

Retro products that can evoke warm memories of the past 

have regained attention, 

especially film camera and vinyl record.


In the 1980s and 1990s, 

the film camera was arguably the most fashionable fashion item, 

but with the popularity of mobile phones, 

people used more portable mobile phones to shoot, 

and the film camera gradually disappeared from people’s vision. 

But with the rise of new-tro, 

film camera reminds people of the past and returns to people’s vision. 

Even the film camera vending machine appeared near hong-ik university

which caused a strong response among young people.

Would you also enjoy music time if you were at home alone? 

With the new-tro trend, 

vinyl records have re-entered people's vision, 

and more and more people have begun to collect vinyl records. 

A lot of this popular trend has also added a lot of interesting designs to kpop.

 For example, the album launched by the artist is no longer a CD, 

but a vinyl record full of age. 

The combination of retro and new era culture, are you moved?

On May 1, we will launch monthly korea K-box May ver. 

And there will also be a new-tro product in it.

If you are curious about what it is, or if you want to own it, 

then you must remember to follow us. See you on May 1!

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